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Scholarships at Dunbar come from several sources and are available to all graduating seniors. Currently, DAF awards 10 scholarships at $1000 each annually at Awards Day. Other scholarships are funded by individual alumni and alumni classes. External organizations also provide scholarships for our graduating seniors. In addition to the various athletic scholarships, academic awards are available from post-secondary institutions.

How Awards Are Funded

Funding for DAF awards come primarily from contributions to the DAF Scholarship fund. Other alumni awards come directly from alumni classes and individual alumni donors. DAF encourages, promotes, and coordinates these awards. “Named” scholarships typically ranged from $300 to $2500, with special scholarships from the class of 1936 which provided two awards for $8500 each over a period of four years to two students attending the University of the District of Columbia. DAF administers these and other longer term awards established by classes and individuals. During the 2013 school year, Dunbar Alumni alone accounted for $42,600 of the awards to graduating seniors Total scholarships from various donors exceeded $100,000 during the 2013 school year. A future goal of DAF is to ensure every student who wants to go to college will have access to the resources to do so.

Eligibility and Selection

All graduating seniors are automatically considered as applicants for these scholarships and are selected based on criteria established by the donors. Some donors request that student academic portfolios be provided for their own evaluation. Others allow the Dunbar High School Scholarship Committee to make their selections based on general guidelines. Typically, scholarships offered by external organizations are announced early in the school year and require specific application submissions.

Preparation and Assistance

Starting in their junior year all students are briefed on scholarship and financial aid availability. Additionally, they are strongly encouraged to start developing personal essays to be included in their academic portfolios. This information is reinforced at the beginning of their senior year. Each class is assigned a counselor to provide assistance, and prodding, as required. The Counseling Center is also equipped and staffed to provide assistance in researching information on colleges and universities. Working closely with senior counselors and other school staff, DAF provides student portfolios to requesting donors and assists in identifying candidates matching the criteria for the various scholarships offered, including those from external organizations.

How Funds Can Be Used

These scholarships may be used to attend colleges, universities and other post-secondary institutions around the country. Scholarship funds may be used to underwrite tuition, activity fees, books and other miscellaneous expenses according to the allowance or restriction of donors.

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