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The Dunbar Alumni Federation, organized in 2002 in the District of Columbia as a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation, provides scholarship and other financial support to students and graduates of the Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Washington, DC.

The Federation initiates various endeavors to promote and support scholarship efforts, school and community education activities; supports activities of respective alumni classes; and focuses on ways to leverage the prestige of Dunbar High School and its distinguished alumni to enhance the education of Dunbar students.

Triennially, the Federation convenes all Dunbar Alumni (All-Class Reunion) in celebration and in recognition of Dunbar guiding its students to achieve excellence and the highest standards of achievement in preparation for life.

Dunbar Alumni Federation Statement of Mission and Goals

The Dunbar Alumni Federation is an alliance of over 2000 Dunbar Senior High School Alumni and friends who work together to create better futures for current Dunbar students and future graduates.

Specifically and on a regular basis we:

  • Provide scholarships and other financial supports to current students and graduates;
  • Promote and support over 35 individual Dunbar High School alumni classes in their respective scholarship efforts, community activities and other endeavors to support Dunbar;
  • Solicit funds from individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations for general purpose, specific projects and the Dunbar Endowment Fund.
  • Help finance student development activities including the Debate Team, Band, Ski Team, ROTC, and athletics; Fund faculty, staff and parent appreciation and development to advance the educational reform objectives of Dunbar;
  • Champion school restructuring and improvements at Dunbar and in the public policy arena the acceleration of resource allocations for the construction of the new Dunbar building and participated in the ongoing work of the School Improvement Team;
  • Collect and assemble artifacts and memorabilia from alumni for historical and legacy displays to support the chronicling of the richness of Dunbar’s history;
  • encouraged the creation of an archival display at Sumner School Museum and Archives in honor of Paul Laurence Dunbar;
  • help to inventory historical archives and memorabilia at Dunbar; worked with the new Dunbar architects and builders to design and install historical and legacy portraits, pavers, and other recognitions for past and future alumni throughout the new Dunbar.
  • Work with Dunbar Principal Stephen Jackson to conceptualize and establish the Dr. Lawrence Graves Museum of Dunbar History in the new building which will overtime tell the stories of eminent Dunbar graduates–past and future– and the role Dunbar had in their development. The Museum is intended to inspire and motivate to students and faculty to strive for excellence in all they know and do and for the alumni to continue to support Dunbar with their time, talent and treasure well into the future.





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