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The tear another’s tears bring forth,
The sigh which answers sigh,
The pulse that beats at other’s woes,
E’en though our own be nigh,

A balm to bathe the wounded heart
Where sorrow’s hand hath lain,
The link divine from soul to soul
That makes us one in pain,--

Sweet sympathy, benignant ray,
Light of the soul doth shine;
In it is human nature giv’n
A touch of the divine.

Dunbar, Paul Laurence, Oak and Ivy, 1893


We sincerely appreciate your continued support to this memorable endeavor as we remember and honor those alumni who have transitioned before us. Please remember them in your prayers. To access, please click Registry to view names or Remembrances to share a message or memory.

As always, our research goes on and we solicit your assistance in acknowledging each member of our Dunbar Family as they depart from this earthly plane. You may forward your programs and updates to the Dunbar Alumni Federation, Inc., PO Box 60714, Washington, DC 20039 or email to , and copy to .


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