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The Dunbar Alumni Federation is proud of the continued support and commitment of its alumni classes, yet its leadership knows it can do even better. The DAF has heard the call for greater accessibility to make donations, pay membership dues and get updates about alumni and Dunbar High School events and news.

This website is intended to be THE HUB for all Dunbar Alumni, keeping them connected, informed and empowered to protect the Dunbar Legacy and in turn enhancing the community at large. We also want to connect the World with people and organizations that are also interested in preserving the legacy of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School by supporting its present and future students.


Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

I am humbled and honored to join the Dunbar High School Family as the new principal. As I enthusiastically accept this opportunity, it is my personal and professional pledge to model, inspire, challenge, support, and encourage every member of our school family to remain focused on student success. Dunbar High School has a remarkable history of developing life-long learners and forward thinkers who have made tremendous contributions to our society. Today we proudly stand on this legacy of excellence and commit to nurturing outstanding students who will be our change agents of tomorrow.

At the heart of our work at Dunbar, is an unwavering desire to empower our students to realize their full potential by supporting their intellectual growth, health, creativity, and emotional intelligence. We will continue to support our students in their commitment to be Dedicated Honorable and Scholarly.

As the instructional leader of Dunbar, I truly believe that strong partnerships between our school, parents, and community will lead to outstanding outcomes for our students. With this understanding, I invite you to visit Dunbar and to actively participate in our students’ learning journey. This participation may come in a variety of forms including supporting school activities, joining one of our numerous committees, working as a volunteer, and supporting our programming. I also invite you to mentor our young people both formally and informally. We know our students need to see great models so they can Keep A-Plugging Away. This year will be a fantastic year of learning and growth at Dunbar. Please Join us!

Roll Tide!

Nadine Smith
Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School




National Museum of African-American History and Culture (NMAAHC)

Partners with Dunbar Alumni Federation (DAF) in the Lift Every Voice Celebration


The NMAAHC’s Lift Every Voice Celebration is a global initiative designed to showcase African American History and Culture across the nation and around the world.  This partnership allows DAF to co-brand events sponsored by the Dr. Lawrence E. Graves Museum of Dunbar High School History with NMAAHC.  The Dr. Lawrence E. Graves Museum is a collaboration between Dunbar High School (DHS) and DAF. 




Humanities Council of Washington, DC

Humanities Council of Washington, DC

925 U Street NW | Washington, DC 20001



Alison Stewart

First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar, America’s First Black Public High School


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