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Carrie Thornhill ‘61
DAF Office Manager

To assist Dunbar Alumni Federation (DAF) advance its mission of creating better futures for Dunbar students and graduates, the Dunbar High School leadership has provided an office for DAF operations since 2013. The office is located within the main office section of the school in room 114. Staffed by alumni volunteers, the office is open to alumni and the public, 5 days a week, Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The office is frequently open on weekends by appointment and for DAF meetings and events. DAF has been granted access to the full range of facilities at the state of the art school for the use and benefit of alumni, friends and supporters in compliance with DHS protocols and good principles of coordination. Outlined below is but a sampling of the many and varied functions of the office

In support of scholarships, students, faculty and parent development appreciation, the office staff arranges meetings and takes notes for the College Scholarship Task Force; prepares claim forms and programs for the Scholarship Awards Ceremony; and arranges for students and families to claim scholarships. The office staff process complimentary DAF memberships for graduates; shops and prepares CARE packages for the for returning students participating in the Pizza Party and Panel discussion; and communicates with faculty, scholarship recipients, families and colleges as needed.

In support of educational improvements at Dunbar, office volunteers attend faculty meetings, speak at assemblies and events as requested, offers advice on how to improve implementation of school policies and programs and stays abreast on how Dunbar is faring in the “public square” and makes recommendations for DAF involvement when appropriate.

In support of alumni classes, the office coordinates meetings of Class Leaders, makes arrangements for class reunions in Dunbar facilities; promotes other class events as requested; and provides a wide variety of staff support to the Triennial, luncheons and other fundraising and membership building

In support of the chronicling of the richness of Dunbar’s history and legacy, the office arranges and conducts routine tours of the museum and building, accepts and stores gifts and memorabilia from alumni and outside entities and arranges for related ceremonies.

Finally, the staff assembles and maintains the DAF calendar of events, inventories and sells souvenirs, writes articles for the VINE, periodically represents DAF at community meetings, serves as a repository of information and communications, consult with and support DAF chairs and committees as requested.

If you are interested in helping out, call Office Manager, Carrie Thornhill at 202.724.4194 or email at .

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