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September 7

FCAC Delta's Monthly Meeting

9:00 am


September 21

Class of 1959 - 60th Reunion

4:00 pm


October 5

FCAC Delta's Monthly Meeting

9:00 am

I want to publicly thank Mr. Pittman and Mr. Crockett for their outstanding and long-time service to DAF. On behalf of all of you, my first act as Chair is to convey Chairman and Vice Chairman Emeritus status on them. You are statesmen of high order.

I accept the responsibility of Chair to serve the mission, strategic goals, and best interests of the organization in the next chapter of DAF.

My vision for the future of the organization include: nurturing and helping to position the next generation of leadership in the effective governance, stability and growth of this organization, bridge building with the millennials while honoring the long-timers who are the foundation of the organization. I want to help guide the substantial growth of our membership base; improve our annual fundraising levels; grow the Endowment Fund; generate funds and partners sufficient to professionally create a new display in the museum and see that a formal curriculum on the history and legacy of Dunbar is written and embedded in the official curriculum of DC Public Schools.

We have made great strides toward becoming a high performing organization. There is much work to be done to sustain our ability to provide scholarships for every graduating student. I am committed to helping us achieve these goals working together with members of a high performing board of directors and all of you. It is my privilege and honor to serve you and my Alma Mater.

Carrie Thornhill,

Chair, Dunbar Alumni Federation

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